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Vang and Vestre Slidre have collaborated and are offering a Norwegian Language training course to refugees, immigrants who have been granted asylum, those seeking asylum and other immigrants.
The Introduction Centre of Vang and Vestre-Slidre (IVV) are responsible for this training course.

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Application and information is available at the administration office of the community hall building in Røn.

Classes will be held both in Røn and in Vang.

In this article you can read more about this service, the opening hours, the location and other practical information...

 IVV was founded in January of 2007.

The main purpose was to gather various community resources that dealt with the training, qualifying and integrating of immigrants from various groups.

The main goal of the introduction centre was to strengthen the success chances of immigrants by:-

•1.      Creating equality and offering lifelong learning opportunities.

•2.      Encouraging participation in community activities and work-life.

•3.      Creating a more meaningful quality of life.

 Practical information:

  1. The administration office of the IVV is located at the community hall in Ron.
  2. The training course in Norwegian Language is held both in Røn and in Vang.

Post Address; PB 43, 2959 Røn
Office: 61 34 39 53
Classroom Røn: 61 34 39 53 Classroom Vang: 61 36 86 07
Telefax dept. Røn: 61 34 42 43 Dept.Vang: 61 36 86 06

 The Introduction centre offers the following services:-

•-         Norwegian course for asylum seekers at the Vang asylum centre and the Lundeskogen state asylum centre.

•-         Norwegian course and social studies (General introduction of everyday Norwegian life) for immigrants with the right/duty to obtain the course.

•-         Norwegian course and social studies for immigrants who have paid for this service.

•-         Norwegian course and social studies for asylum seekers and refugees within the introductory program.

•-         Primary school education for adults, who have been authorized by the local municipality (kommune).

Even Though IVV follows the municipality's normal school calendar, admittance can occur several times during the school year.

 Holidays/absence/sick leave

Students that receive introduction benefits: If you do not belong to the Norwegian church, you have the right to an extra day free in connection to your respective religious holidays. You are however expected to apply.

Students have the right to 4 days free without a doctors statement, in the event of sickness or absence.

Leave of absence can always be applied for in accordance with the rules issued by the Norwegian introductory law for newcomers (recently arrived  immigrants).

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